Meet the Experts on Venous and Arterial Diseases
May 17 and 18, 2019

Dearest PVC Participant,

It will be a great pleasure to welcome you to the Porto Vascular Conference 2019. Besides the invited lectures within the arterial and venous program we have organized nurses sessions, technicians sessions, workshops and medical students e-posters.
We also are preparing a textbook for all participants, containing chapters on the latest and most updated scientific developments and techniques in open and endovascular surgery.
We sincerely hope that you can enjoy the educational, interactive and instructive program of PVC 2019.

Welcome to Porto Vascular Conference 2019!

Armando Mansilha MD, PhD, FEBVS
PVC Chairman


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Preliminary Programme



Auditorium of the Center for Medical Research of Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (Address: Rua Dr. Plácido da Costa | 4200 Porto)


May 17 and 18, 2019


Cristina Freitas

telf: +351 933 955 850

Armando Mansilha(MD, PhD, FEBVS)
Daniel Brandão(MD, MMSc, FEBVS)
Rui Cernadas(MD)
Rui Machado(MD, PhD)
Sérgio Sampaio(MD, PhD, FEBVS)
Honor Committee
  • Altamiro da Costa Pereira
  • António Araújo
  • Fernanda Viana
  • Fernando Araújo
  • Miguel Guimarães
  • Roncon de Albuquerque
  • Rui Almeida
  • Vítor Correia da Silva
Scientific Committee
  • Alexandra Canedo(CHVN Gaia)
  • Amílcar Mesquita(CH Alto Ave)
  • António Simões(Hospital de Viseu)
  • Diogo Cunha e Sá(Hospital de Loures)
  • Duarte Medeiros(CHLO Hospital de Egas Moniz)
  • Isabel Cássio(Hospital de Ponta Delgada)
  • João Albuquerque e Castro(Hospital de Évora)
  • João Almeida Pinto(CH Vale do Sousa)
  • João Oliveira(Hospital de Braga)
  • Joaquim Barbosa(Hospital SAMS Lisboa)
  • José Fernandes e Fernandes(Hospital da Luz Torres / Inst. Card. de Lisboa)
  • José Teixeira(CH Universitário de S. João)
  • José França(Hospital do Funchal)
  • José Pereira Albino(Hospital Lusíadas)
  • Luís Mendes Pedro(CHLN Hospital Santa Maria)
  • Luís Mota Capitão(CUF Descobertas)
  • Maria Emília Ferreira(CHLC Hospital Santa Marta)
  • Maria José Barbas(Hospital Garcia de Orta)
  • Óscar Gonçalves(CHUC)
  • Rui Almeida(CHP — Hospital de Santo António)
Alun Davies (UK)
Andrea Stella (Italy)
Carlos Vaquero(Spain)
David McLain (UK)
Diego Garcés (France)
Eric Ducasse (France)
Germano Melissano (Italy)
Gert de Borst(The Netherlands)
Houman Jalaie (The Netherlands)
Ian Loftus (UK)
Ignacio Lojo Rocamonde(Spain)
Jan Blankensteijn (The Netherlands)
Jean-Pierre Becquemin (France)
Jordi Maeso(Spain)
Julian Scott(UK)
Marianne de Maeseneer (Belgium)
Martin Landaluce(Spain)
Martine Willems (The Netherlands)
Mauro Gargiulo(Italy)
Mike Wyatt(UK)
Nabil Chakfé(France)
Niels Baekgaard (Denmark)
Nuno Dias(Sweden)
Pier Luigi Antignani(Italy)
Sergi Bellmunt(Spain)
Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
Stephen Black(UK)
Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)
Valentin Valenzuela(Spain)
Vincent Jongkind(The Netherlands)
Programme at Glance

Session 1 - PVC Research Got Talent - 8h30

Moderators: 6 Oral Communications

Session 2 - FEBVS@PVC - 09h30

Moderators: 6 Oral Communications

Session 3 - EVST 25 years - 11h00

Moderators: 6 Oral Communications

Session 4 - EVST 25 years - 12h00

Session 5 - 14h00

Special lecture: Frailty, Vascular Surgery and Outcomes
Speaker: Julian Scott (UK)
Popliteal artery aneurysm – lesson learned
Speaker: Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)
Treatment of peripheral vascular malformations
Speaker: Ignacio Lojo Rocamonde (Spain)
Celiac compression syndrome: Myth or Reality? How to diagnose it and treat it?
Speaker: Mike Wyatt (UK)
Tips and tricks to recanalize chronic total occlusions of mesenteric arteries
Speaker: Armando Mansilha (Portugal)

Session 6 - 15h00

Tibial angioplasty and angiosome revascularization for diabetic foot patients
Speaker: David McLain (UK)
Techniques to revascularize the foot in diabetic patients
Speaker: Daniel Brandão (Portugal)
Don´t use worthless stents below the knee
Speaker: Eric Ducasse (France)
Paclitaxel devices: importance of the whole picture
Speaker: Sérgio Sampaio (Portugal)
ACT guided heparinization in vascular surgical procedures: results of a prospective multicentre study
Speaker: Vincent Jongkind (The Netherlands)
Case in a Box
Speaker: Carlos Vaquero (Spain)

Session 7 - 16h30

Training for open aortic procedures in the endovascular era
Speaker: Mike Wyatt (UK)
Skills testing in Endo
Speaker: Martine Willems (The Netherlands)
Great Debate - The recent NICE guidelines on AAA treatment will be important on daily practice
Speaker: Pro - Alun Davies (UK) VS Against - Jan Blankensteijn (The Netherlands)
Why ruptured AAA should be treated with EVAR?
Speaker: Nuno Dias (Sweden)
Are the outcomes from CH-EVAS durable?
Speaker: Ian Loftus (UK)
Adjuncts to achieve better sealing and AAA exclusion with F-EVAR and CH-EVAR
Speaker: Jan Blankensteijn (The Netherlands)
Key-note lecture - How to plan a complex EVAR to simplify the next step and what are the results of re-FEVAR?
Speaker: Nuno Dias (Sweden)

Session 8 - 08h30

Why should we operate on asymptomatic carotid stenosis?
Speaker: Luís Mendes Pedro (Portugal)
There are still valid indications for CAS with cervical approach?
Speaker: Jordi Maeso (Spain)
Safety of CEA and CAS in patients with a history of coronary heart disease
Speaker: Gert de Borst (The Netherlands)
Are the days of carotid endarterectomy numbered?
Speaker: Ian Loftus (UK)
Key-note lecture - Decision making in symptomatic carotid artery disease: CEA, CAS, TCAR?
Speaker: Mauro Gargiulo (Italy)

Session 9 - 09h30

Can we avoid the post-thrombotic syndrome?
Speaker: Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)
Practical tips for treatment of varicose veins in patients with post-thrombotic syndrome
Speaker: Marianne de Maeseneer (Belgium)
Results of the EVRA trial
Speaker: Alun Davies (UK)
Treatment of extensive deep venous obstruction
Speaker: Houman Jalaie (The Netherlands)
Key-note lecture - Health Economics of DVT treatment
Speaker: Stephen Black (UK)

Session 10 - 11h00

Comparison among 18 and 23 mmHg stockings
Speaker: Sergio Gianesini (Italy)
How do duplex ultrasound findings influence our management strategy?
Speaker: Marianne de Maeseneer (Belgium)
Consensus on Venous mapping
Speaker: Pier Luigi Antignani (Italy)
Great Debate - The current International Guidelines are accurate to define the best interventional technique for varicose veins
Speaker: Pro - Alun Davies (UK) VS Against - Armando Mansilha (Portugal)
Case in a Box
Speaker: Ignacio Lojo Rocamonde (Spain)

Session 11 - 12h00

Key-note lecture - Reporting standardization in Vascular Surgery
Speaker: Gert de Borst (Netherlands)
Why should we use models for examination?
Speaker: Armando Mansilha (Portugal)
Conference - The way we were – technology will change the profession of vascular surgeon
Speaker: Andrea Stella (Italy)

Session 12 - 14h00

Uncomplicated type B dissection – when should we intervene?
Speaker: Jean-Pierre Becquemin (France)
Key-note lecture - The new “STABILISE” technique for the treatment of acute and subacute type B dissections and the “STABILISE Registry”
Speaker: Germano Melissano (Italy)
We need a new definition of “severe” aortic neck
Speaker: Mauro Gargiulo (Italy)
Semi automated aneurysm volume measurements
Speaker: Gert de Borst (The Netherlands)
Aorta imaging: vascular inflammation, infection and atherosclerosis
Speaker: Nabil Chakfé (France)
Case in a Box
Speaker: Mauro Gargiulo (Italy)

Session 13 - 15h00

Visceral stent-grafts in F/BEVAR and chimney: how should be choose?
Speaker: Eric Ducasse (France)
Off-the-shelf devices for thoraco-abdominal aortic aneurysms
Speaker: Mauro Gargiulo (Italy)
Contemporary technical advancements for TAAA open surgical repair
Speaker: Germano Melissano (Italy)
EVAR for EVER! The long term outcomes and how to improve them
Speaker: Frederico Bastos Gonçalves (Portugal)
Key-note lecture - The mystery of type II endoleak after EVAR
Speaker: Jean-Pierre Becquemin (France)
Case in a Box
Speaker: Diego Garcés (France)

Session 14 - 16h30

Is the ATTRACT trial attractive?
Speaker: Niels Baekgaard (Denmark)
ATTRACT and what next
Speaker: Stephen Black (UK)
Tips and Tricks for venous recanalization
Speaker: Houman Jalaie (The Netherlands)
New models of venous stent and application to different anatomical areas
Speaker: Ignacio Lojo Rocamonde (Spain)
The profunda vein in iliofemoral DVT
Speaker: Niels Baekgaard (Denmark)
Treatment in provoked DVT
Speaker: Sergi Bellmunt (Spain)
Pelvic congestion syndrome: does one name fit all?
Speaker: Pier Luigi Antignani (Italy)
Aquatic protocols for phlebo-lymphedema patients
Speaker: Sergio Gianesini (Italy)

Young European Talents in Porto

The Porto Vascular Conference (PVC) 2019 is pleased to invite you to contribute to the Scientific Programme which will take place on May 17-18, in Porto, Portugal.

Accepted abstracts will be granted:

  • oral presentation in one of the plenary sessions or poster exhibition during the whole period of the meeting
  • titles and authors included in the PVC final programme
  • publication in the official electronic Book of Abstracts
  • a chance of winning one of the prizes

PVC Abstracts – Guidelines


GP Young Specialists and Trainees in Porto Vascular Conference 2019

Accepted abstracts will be granted:

  • oral presentation in one of the plenary sessions
  • titles and authors included in the PVC final programme
  • publication in the official electronic Book of Abstracts
  • a chance of winning one of the prizes

PVC Abstracts Guidelines


We're looking forward to welcome you in Porto Vascular Conference 2019
May 17 and 18, 2019